Starcounter is an In-memory Application Engine with a built in web server.

It supports SQL queries and is fully ACID-compliant.



Collapse the stack

Do you know that in the traditional model, more effort goes into creating and running interfaces between the software layers than into the actual code?

Skip the glue code. Your apps run fast and are done fast.

Code classes are your table definitions

C# code classes (other platforms coming soon) are your tables and object instances are your rows. Use object references to define relations without foreign keys. Use getters and setters for values calculated on the fly. Use SQL to search.

JSON view-models

Decide which parts of your data are exposed in the form of a writable JSON.

Bind directly to the data or use C# code to transform the view or validate user input.


Effortless REST and WebSocket

Built-in web server exposes your JSON view-models with expressive HTTP handlers. Compose your reponses using internal REST calls. Create stateful apps with WebSockets and JSON-Patch working for you behind the scenes. Use Polymer, AngularJS, React or anything that speaks HTTP and JSON.

Mixing of apps

The most unique thing about Starcounter is the ability to run multiple apps in the same database.

Compose your system from tiny, isolated apps that appear as a single app. You need to see it to believe it.

Speed of light performance

None of it would be possible if Starcounter was not the fastest database in the world.

OldSQL and NoSQL are not capable of achieving what is possible for an in-memory application platform.