15-09-2015 WEBINAR: Puppet – Make stateful apps easier than stateless

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This is an invitation for everyone who’s interested in client-server communication for web apps. Tomorrow I will present a webinar about Puppet, a standards-based protocol that we are using here at Starcounter.

Stateful apps are considered hard and unpractical. The truth is the opposite! With the correct technology, you can develop a thick client SPA with state entirely controlled on the server. Forget writing countless lines of glue code and the callback hell. Welcome to the DRY world of JSON-Patch and PuppetJS!


<puppet-client ref="templateToBind"></puppet-client>

During the 30-minute webinar, I will present how does the above single line of HTML:

  • create the stateful connection from client to server
  • let you design the template in HTML5 and Web Components (Polymer or any other client framework could be used)
  • bind the template to a JSON view-model, controlled entirely by the server (C#, Node.js, or any other server platform can be used)
  • send the changes in real-time using JSON-Patch (RFC 6902) and WebSocket
  • morph the views using HTTP and partial templates
  • use operational transformation to keep the state in sync

See you online on 15 September 2015 at 14:00 CET!


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