Changes in Polyjuice apps starting from 2.0.3076.3

March 6, 2015 4:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Here are the list of changes affecting the Polyjuice applications starting from 2.0.3076.3:

  • Every Polyjuice application is now required to register handlers starting with its application name prefix: e.g. if application name is MySuperApp, then all handlers should start with “/MySuperApp” prefix. If you really need to map your handler to root, do Polyjuice.Map("/MySuperApp", "/"); However other applications should not map to root “/” in this case.

  • Moved “/launcher/polyjuice-merger?” to be a part of Polyjuice “/polyjuice/htmlmerger?”, since it was a part independent from Launcher.

  • Every application Json response is namespaced, even internal X.GET calls get namespaced. Root Json node is also namespaced with application name.

  • Polyjuice.Map changed to Polyjuice.OntologyMap. Polyjuice.Map becomes an arbitrary map between given handler and given URI.

  • Added custom mapping from one handler to another URI (like a proxy call): Polyjuice.Map. Now only GETs without parameters and GETs with last string parameter are supported. Example of mapping of a custom handler to HTTP root: Polyjuice.Map("/MySuperApp", "/");

  • Registration of handlers with the same URI is no more allowed, regardless of the handler level.

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