Changes in session and scheduling API starting from build #2.1.1183

February 3, 2016 12:51 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Starting from the build #2.1.1183 the session and scheduling API is changed. Here is a summarized list of changes:

  • Added simpler task scheduling interface using static method Scheduling.ScheduleTask() use it instead of previous DbSession.
  • Added Session.ToAsciiString() to convert an existing session into an ASCII string. Later this session ASCII string can be used as parameter to Session.ScheduleTask.
  • Session.RunSync functionality is also replaced by Session.ScheduleTask.
  • Session.Destroyed is now replaced by Session.AddDestroyDelegate because of applications separation issues.
  • Session.CargoId is removed because of no use.

The sessions documentation is updated and basic scheduling clarification is added:

An example of application that uses sessions:

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