V. 3.0.0 Alpha Preview


Runs on Linux & Windows OS.
Provide seamless integration with standard .NET Core Applications.
.NET Core Console applications.
.NET Core Web Applications with Kestrel Web Server.
.Net Core Desktop Applications.
Supported development experience with standard dotnet CL tooling.


Ubuntu 18.04.02 x64 or Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1903.
(Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL is also supported).
.NET Core 3.0.100-preview-012264 SDK. Download the SDK for your platformn and not the runtime download.
Enough RAM to load the database target size.
At lest 2 CPU cores.



Support for Windows Docker containers.
TurboText_en-GB-CI-AS_4.dll is now the default string collation. CI – case insensitive. AS – accent sensitive.
Post Commit Hooks.
Improved DB startup time due to DB indexes optimization.
StarDump now unloads and reloads database indexes.
StarDump is now able to unload reference values even if the referenced object was deleted.
Database cleaning performance has been greatly improved. Read more here – How to delete unused tables and columns.
Removing a CLR class property now requires to execute ALTER TABLE X DROP COLUMN x statement.
Changing reference type of a CLR class property was not save previously. Now it’s no longer supported.
Starcounter.Request class has a new property IsStaticFileRequest.
puppet-redirect and puppet-client web components are removed.
palindrom-client is updated with 5.0.0 release.


Starcounter.Http class is now deprecated. Please use native HttpClient class.
The synonymousTo attribute is now deprecated.


Consumption and registration of commit hooks is now thread safe.
Starcounter session is now properly disposed in case of an exception.
In some rare occasions Session.ForAll task was ignored, if scheduled right after another task. It’s fixed now.
Fixed System.OverflowException: Array dimensions exceeded supported range exception in Typed JSON view-model.
In some cases SQL COUNT was returning wrong value if navigation properties were used in WHERE clause. It’s fixed now.
In some cases index on a parent table would cause crash when executing an SQL statement with navigation properties in WHERE clause. It’s fixed now.
Starcounter tray icon is now shown in Production Mode as well.