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June 6, 2017 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We work hard to improve Starcounter and enable you to build state-of-the-art software. Some important changes are coming, we would like to let you know in advance to prepare better and use it from day one.

Palindrom 3.0 release

Our client-to-server bind library expects some important changes:

  • Internet Explorer support will be dropped.
  • All changes to application object tree will be sent synchronously, immediately after the change. No asynchronous dirty checking.
  • ignoreAdd feature will be removed. Using regex to exclude property/object from syncing is neither efficient nor intuitive.

Thanks to this changes it will be less error-prone and apps will work smoother. Improved performance means also better battery life for mobile.

Bootstrap removal

In upcoming breaking version, we plan to remove Bootstrap as a standard UI framework. It won’t be loaded using PartialToStandaloneHtmlProvider anymore. If you’ll want to use it still, it must be imported explicitly in your app. Getting rid of global CSS stylesheet pollution makes it easier to seamlessly blend applications. New UI library proposal will be announced soon.

Custom Elements V1:

In the upcoming version, we will serve polyfill for Custom Element V0 and V1, so they can both be used simultaneously, to gracefully migrate you app ecosystem element by element. We will also start migrating our custom elements to V1, to eventually drop support for old spec.

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