Video: Expressing your UI in JSON

October 14, 2015 12:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Yesterday we’ve presented a webinar about Expressing your UI in JSON.

Below are the slides and video recording from the event.

Did you know that UI of a web app can be expressed using a simple, schemaless JSON? Since it supports only a few primitive data types, it is a great format for the boundary between the application logic and the view.

Marcin Warpechowski presented an UX design workflow:

  1. The starting point is an UI wireframe design. At this point, the graphic design and the tech teams can split.
  2. The tech teams agree on the JSON representation of the UI. At this point, the application development (C#) and web design (HTML) teams can split.
  3. The further work can be continuously integrated with no additional effort.

We discussed how to solve some sample UI problems like:

  • composing a complex UI out of simple parts
  • how to make input fields, buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons
    – how to make autocomplete
    – how to make item lists
    – how to make data grids and graphs

We presented how Starcounter ensures the data is always up to date, with no additional effort from the developer. We will showed plain value binding, data binding and advanced data binding in action.

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