Video: Puppet – Make stateful apps easier than stateless

September 16, 2015 9:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Yesterday we’ve presented a webinar about Puppet, a standards-based protocol that we are using here at Starcounter for client-server communication in web apps.

Below are the slides and video recording from the event.

Stateful apps are considered hard and unpractical. The truth is the opposite! With the correct technology, you can develop a thick client SPA with state entirely controlled on the server. Forget writing countless lines of glue code and the callback hell. Welcome to the DRY world of JSON-Patch and PuppetJS!

<puppet-client ref="templateToBind"></puppet-client>

I presented how does the above single line of HTML:

  • create the stateful connection from client to server
  • let you design the template in HTML5 and Web Components (Polymer or any other client framework could be used)
  • bind the template to a JSON view-model, controlled entirely by the server (C#, Node.js, or any other server platform can be used)
  • send the changes in real-time using JSON-Patch (RFC 6902) and WebSocket
  • morph the views using HTTP and partial templates
  • use operational transformation to keep the state in sync

More information about Puppet will follow in future. Please subscribe to this blog to get notified.

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