This Week in Starcounter – 09/06/2017

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This week we introduce changes that make Starcounter more flexible and easier to understand.

Modularization of the Launcher

The Launcher used to be the way to easily combine apps with a common UI frame, menu, search bar, and launchpad. This did not allow for enough flexibility and modularity which caused it to be forked.

The fix is to divide the Launcher into smaller components that can be run together. These apps are easy to integrate and customize which makes them unnecessary to fork. They are:

  • Website – creates content regions where different applications can blend their views
  • Launchpad – simple menu that shows icons from apps
  • Search – search bar that works with the Simplified data model

Deprecated UriMappingEnabled and OntologyMappingEnabled

With UriMapping and OntologyMapping deprecated, the database configuration options UriMappingEnabled and OntologyMappingEnabled have also been deprecated. A note has been added in the documentation.

This depreciation was introduced on the Release Candidate branch.

Release of Puppet 2.5

This week, Puppet 2.5 (soon called Palindrom) was released.

This release deprecates ignoreAdd which allowed users to tell Puppet that specific properties should not emit patches on change and instead retain their local state. It’s now deprecated since it was buggy and unintuitive. Puppet 2.5 will be included in the Release Candidate of Starcounter next week.

The alternative to ignoreAdd is local state objects. An example of this can be found in KitchenSink.

The upcoming Puppet 3.0 will introduce a simpler and more robust way of retaining the local state of objects.

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