This Week in Starcounter – 23/06/2017

June 23, 2017 4:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This week we have three changes that affect Starcounter developers.

Making the Installer Secure by Default

To make the installer secure by default, we’ve chosen to remove its firewall rule alterations. Administrators now have to explicitly open up ports that should be accessible from the outside.

This change is included in the release candidate channel.

Declaring GlobalSQL as Experimental

Last week, we announced GlobalSQL as a way to access database classes in other apps. Since this API doesn’t align well with the idea of having micro-apps working independently, we’ve declared it as experimental. That means that it’s moved to Db.Advanced.GlobalSQL and is not recommended for production environments. If you have a strong opinion on this, please contact us by leaving a comment here or posting an issue on GitHub.

This change is included in the release candidate channel.

Publishing Internal Guidelines

To help you build Starcounter apps, we have published our guidelines on icons and our proposed project structure. These guidelines are used for the Starcounter sample apps and have been proven to work well for building micro-apps in Starcounter.

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