This Week in Starcounter – 26/05/2017

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To help you as a developer follow the changes in Starcounter, we will publish a weekly blog post explaining the changes. This week we made six significant changes to Starcounter which are available from the current Release Candidate None of these are breaking changes.

Polymer Upgrade

Polymer is upgraded to 1.9.1 from 1.8.1. Release Notes for 1.9.1 are on

Simplified Way to Retrieve Objects by Identity

Objects were usually retrieved by id with DbHelper.FromID(DbHelper.Base64DecodeObjectID(Id)). From this week, Db.FromId(id) serves as a simpler alternative. This method has overloads to handle both strings in base64 and ulong ids.

DbHelper.FromID remains in all versions of 2.3. It is obsolete from version 2.4.

Documentation for this is coming.

New Server-Side Blending API

The server-side blending APIs OntologyMapping and UriMapping have been replaced with the Blender API. Documentation has been published. It’s already used in some of the sample apps.

Obsolete RunWithinApplication

RunWithinApplication has been declared obsolete because it breaks the isolation of applications.

Improved Handling of Deleted Database Objects

Database objects that are bound to a Typed JSON will now have their Data property set to null instead of throwing an exception. This means that deleted objects can effectively be handled in the OnData method.

Staradmin CLI Improvements

staradmin now also supports staradmin <command> [database name] in addition to staradmin -d|--database=<name> <command>. This should make the CLI easier to use. With this change, some other edge cases and error messages in staradmin have been fixed.

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