This Week in Starcounter – 30/06/2017

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Custom Elements V1 Polyfill

Added the Custom Elements V1 polyfill document-register-element to be able to run Custom Elements V1 in V0 environments. It’s imported with the PartialToStandaloneHtmlProvider middleware.

This is a part of the coming migration to Polymer 2.0 and is available from the current Release Candidate version.

New Releases of Sample Apps

This past week we’ve released new versions of many of the sample apps. Most of the changes are stability and bug fixes, although some of them also include new functionality. These are some of the apps that have been released:

  • People 4.2.1
  • Website 1.1.0
  • SignIn 5.2.0
  • Images 3.2.0
  • CompositionEditor 1.2.4

These releases work with version 2.3.1 of Starcounter and are available to run from the warehouse.

Changed Fields to Properties in Database Classes

In future versions of Starcounter, fields will no longer be supported in database classes, instead, auto-implemented properties will be used. This is mainly done to reduce maintenance and will also make it easier for Starcounter to be cross-platform.

For developers, this has a couple of consequences:

  • Reflection will work better
  • Faster weave-time
  • Improved error messages for edge cases

This future change is not something that you have to worry about yet – there’s still plenty of time until we release it on our Release or even Release Candidate channel. When this breaking change comes closer in time, we will announce it and explain how to adapt your apps to work with this change.

To prepare, we’ve chosen to update our documentation and sample apps to use auto-implemented properties. We also encourage developers to build their database classes with auto-implemented properties instead of fields from now on to avoid having to change it in the future.

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