Workshop at CodeNight: Architecture of the Future

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We are proud to present a workshop at IDG CodeNight event in Stockholm on Thursday, 15 October 2015. The theme of the night is Architecture of the Future.

There will be live coding

If you are registered to the event, it is OK to just come and look at us coding.

Getting your hands dirty

It will be even more fun, if you can bring your own laptop.

The workshop code is available on

To run it, you will need some:

  • Windows. You’ll need Windows 7 or 10 (get a VM image for OS X and Linux from
  • Visual Studio. For best experience, you’ll need Visual Studio 2012, 2013 or 2015 (VS 2015 Community Edition is fine). You can also use any other editor, such as Visual Studio Code, but you will not enjoy IntelliSense for generated code.
  • Starcounter. After you have the all of the above, install Starcounter. It will install a Visual Studio extension.

What will we speak about?

Develop web SPAs with Starcounter’s in-memory application engine.

Code in style that you like. Become 100% glue code free. Freeze the callback hell. Don’t connect to a database and micro services – just make your code classes persistent! And then add more apps that do the same.

With a capacity of millions of transactions per second and a lean web application framework, you will be able to express more with less code.

Topics: plain C# (introductory level), in-memory data modelling, JSON, JSON-Patch, HTML5, Web Components.

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